Watch for These Three Burger Trends In 2015

Given how versatile and ubiquitous burgers are in America, it’s always fun to guess what will emerge as the next big thing at burger restaurants. According to industry pundits, burger lovers should watch for the following three burger trends over the coming year:

– The return of the cheeseburger.

For 2015, experts are predicting a return to simpler burgers, with a focus on the quality and preparation of the meat. The classic cheeseburger is the ideal vehicle to lead this trend. It’s expected to head up menus and pique customer interest at burger joints across the country this year.

Burger trend - the cheeseburger

– The importance of pickling.

Focusing on simplicity doesn’t mean that inventive toppings are out of the picture. Recently, the home pickling craze has extended into the burger world, introducing customers to all sorts of house-pickled toppings. In 2015, that burger trend is going to get even bigger, with pickled vegetables from cauliflower to jalapenos overshadowing the traditional lettuce and tomato.

Inventive toppings

– The growth of veggie options.

The popularity of meatless burgers has come a long way. No longer tacked on to the bottom of menus like an afterthought, meatless burgers are now taken seriously by burger bars, who are expected to create even more inventive and delicious non-meat burger options in the coming year. The reasons behind this fast-growing burger trend? One is that more and more meat-eating customers are likely to sample non-meat options as well. Another reason is that the price of beef is expected to rise in 2015, thus making meat-free burgers a more economical, as well as delicious, choice.