The Weird World of Hamburger Ice Cream

I’ll admit it. I’m in the middle of a serious case of spring fever. I’m ready to have people over, fire up the barbecue, make ice cream sundaes for the kids. We’re going to have to wait a few more weeks (I’m being optimistic here) for the official outdoor fun season, but we don’t have to wait any longer to talk about burgers and ice cream.

Hamburgers and ice cream are a classic warm weather pairing. But how about hamburger-flavored ice cream? That’s new – to me anyway. We can thank a British ice cream company for coming up with the idea a few summers ago.

In 2013, August 27 was named the first ever National Burger Day in the UK. To celebrate, Sorbitium Ices, a London-based ice cream maker, created a special BBQ hamburger ice cream. Like many people I like meat, but meat-flavored ice cream? And to make things even wilder, the ice cream was served with toppings of candied bacon and a dill pickle ripple. Customers could even pour ketchup over their scoop.

Adventurous burger lovers tested the ice cream at the National Burger Day celebrations at the east London street market of Dalston Yard. The event featured plenty of other crazy burgers and burger-inspired creations, like pie burgers and burger-flavored macarons, as well as a competition for the title of “Britain’s best burger.” Reaction to the hamburger ice cream was mixed: it became one of Sorbitium’s best-selling flavors to date, but plenty of people also took to social media to say thanks, but no thanks. I would have tried it.Burger

Not surprisingly, Sorbitium Ices got a lot of media attention from their burger-flavored frozen treat. The concoction caught the interest of press all over the world, and earned write-ups in  UK and international papers.

These days, though, Sorbitium has moved on from the burger flavor to even more experimental combinations. Last December, the company was asked to create a Christmas dinner-flavored ice cream. Asked by whom, I find myself wondering? People who don’t find holiday fruit cake unappetizing enough?

Sorbitium managed to mix roast turkey, cranberry sauce, parsnip, and Brussels sprout flavors together in a single scoop. Apparently, the official verdict was “Not bad, actually.”