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Here’s One Time You Don’t Want Too Much Technology: Pizza

I worked as a welder through college and learned something on job sites. When you’re developing a new building, if you don’t get the foundation right, you’re in trouble. Continue reading

The Five Secret Steps To Making The Best Burger You’ll Ever Cook At Home: Smashburger Unclassified

I’m partial to hamburgers. And I’m certainly not alone. Americans eat nearly 50 billion burgers a year. That translates to a hefty three burgers a week for every single person in the United States. Continue reading

Why Your Future Success Just Got A Little Easier: Three Steps To Hiring And Keeping The Right Employees

If you’re like me, you’re always working on growing your company. You probably wear many hats on the job. One of the most important hats you can wear is the person who does the hiring. Continue reading

Business Advice You Should Never Follow (And One Axiom I Live By)

My grandfather was a great guy. He was a hard working German butcher with an amazing work ethic and a strong sense of family. All assets I value and try to emulate in my own life. However, I think it’s fair to say, grandpa did not have a cheery outlook on life. While he might not have been an optimist, he was I think a realist. Continue reading

Don’t Finish Your To Do List And Skip That Email

Many struggle with that little voice that tells you if you don’t finish your to do list, something really bad is going to happen. That’s because this wrong-thinking message got programmed into us in our early school days. You know the message. “You aren’t going to succeed if you don’t get it all done.” Continue reading