Rick Schaden's Blog

A Passion for Business

When I decided to start blogging, I knew the broad theme would be living in the business world. But as I began working on the posts, I realized there was an underlying theme: how to choose a business you have a passion for.

Why is that important? I’ve been directly involved in the development of a lot of businesses in my career – Smashburger, Live Basil Pizza, Tom’s Urban, the USA Pro Challenge – and I’ve learned something incredibly important for success. If you’re in a business that you have a passion for, you never get bored and you never wake up in the morning and think I don’t want to go to work today.

When my very talented team and I were hunkered down for months in our Smashburger test lab trying to unlearn a lot of what we all thought we knew about making a great burger, it occurred to me that sometimes being an entrepreneur is a solitary go, and sometimes it takes a village. I’m incredibly fortunate to have the village I do – a team who are the best at what they do, and most of all a supportive family.

The goal of my blog is to help you grow your business village, if you will. And for you to get even more excited about your business than you already are. My blog can be a resource for you, where I distill what I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur and growing small companies into big companies.

Starting your own business is a thrill ride like no other, and you’ve probably already got genius, tenacity and tough skin. But if some of the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my life as an entrepreneur can help you navigate your journey, all the better.

Business is one of the greatest pursuits in the world.